The first day when we arrived in Placencia we went in search of the great celebration and culinary experience called Lobsterfest. It turns out that they were pretty much just getting set up when we were there. I guess the big party is the next day where they will be going till 4:00 am. I know we will all be in bed way before that. Even though they were not all set up, we did manage to get to try some lobster fritters that were quite tasty.

Lobster on the bar-b

After deciding that it would be best to wait till the next day for Lobsterfest when it all kicks in big time, it was time to find other things to do. So off to do a little sightseeing. Besides all the beautiful beachfront homes and resorts there are also some amazing lagoon side homes.

After picking out the perfect home we wish we could afford it was off to find the perfect beach bar with atmosphere and maybe some good lobster or conch dishes.Β Β Now,Β this might sound easy in a place where the bars have names such as the Pickled Parrot, Tipsy Tuna, Flying Pig or the Bonefish Grill, but not so. We tried quite a few different ones for a single beer just to see if they were worthy of our quest. Some had atmosphere but not near the beach, others were perfect right on the beach but way too fancy for us, one was having bingo night and let’s just say we were the youngest ones in there.

I had to try a shot of homemade bitters
Darren finally finds the illusive bloody mary

We finally gave up our quest and decided to go for one that we were all comfortable with, a bowling alley and pizza joint. I know this is not what you think of when you are on the shores of the Caribbean, but Placencia has the only bowling alley in the entire country of Belize and so far also the best pizza.

Jaguar Lanes, the best (only) bowling alley in Belize

We had no intention of bowling when we went in there but after a few beers, it was time to give this four-lane landmark a go. And in case anyone is wondering, yes it is a real alley with pin set ball return and even shoe rental, the only thing it didn’t have was automatic scoring. Darren, Kelley and I decided that maybe we should do this again before we leave, and as for who won, I think we all did because no one injured themselves. On the other hand, maybe we should not push our luck and just go with that one good experience.

Kelley bowling in Placencia

Tomorrow we will hit Lobsterfest and hopefully get our fill of lobster delights.

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  1. Lobster fritters?? Sounds yummy…
    Beach front homes look awesome..
    I could do the bar hopping πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. And the bowling 🎳 how cool was that !!!
    You guys are definitely living the life πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΌ

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