Why Bedrock to Belize?
While living in Arizona in the mid 80’s we would make frequent trips to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. It was a short 4 hour drive to the beach and some of the best fishing around. After figuring out how much we had been spending on rentals over the years we decided we needed to do something if we wanted to keep going as often as we were. So back in 1994 we purchased a small vacation home in Cholla Bay (Puerto Peñasco) Mexico. At that time it was a small fishing village on the Sea of Cortez with no electricity, phone or city water. A common form of communication was the VHF radio and everyone had a call name. The house we purchased was a small square structure built out of solid rock from a nearby mountain. At the time I was drawing a lot of cartoons and had always been a big fan of the Flintstones. It was obvious that the name of the house and our call name would be Bedrock, and besides that we already had Fred and Wilma costumes, but that’s another story.

Over the next 24 years we would spend every other weekend there fishing, riding atv’s, exploring, and enjoying everything the area had to offer. In 2009 we decided to make Bedrock our permanent home. Cholla Bay finally had reliable electricity, phone and DSL so we were able to move our self-employed graphic business to Mexico. We do still have our water trucked in, but that is just part of life in Cholla Bay.

Our one and only son grew up loving Cholla Bay so much that he purchased the house right next door to ours. Since then he has married a beautiful girl whose family also has had a house in Cholla Bay for many years and they are now bringing their two sons and daughter to the beautiful beaches of Cholla Bay. I’m sure they will make a lifetime of memories just like we did. As for us, it’s time to start a new adventure and new memories in the beautiful country of Belize.

The next adventure in our lives…