Goodbye Bedrock…… Hello Belize!

The day has finally come when we turn over the keys to our Mexican home  (Bedrock) that we have had for 24 years to the day. We bought this house on Cinco de Mayo, 1994 and now we are out of there on Cinco de Mayo, 2018. We have  met so many wonderful people and had so many good times here with friends and family and done so many unbelievable things that it would boggle your mind. Thank you everyone who has made this part of our lives so very special and unbelievable. Hopefully we will see you all on the next leg of our life’s adventure.

A lot of people ask us how we can leave a place that we have called home for so long. Well we have reached the point in our lives where we want more out of life before it is too late. Mexico was a wonderful chapter in our lives and we will never forget all the friends and adventures we had there, but now it is time for the next chapter.

The jungle home is moving along quite nicely and should be ready for us by the time we make the move there in about a month. We will be  down there next Saturday for a few days for one last visit to tie up loose ends before our big adventure really starts.

It has only been one month since the build started and WOW is it coming along fast. This week the siding, ceiling and drywall went up. The vaulted ceiling is looking awesome and we can not wait to see it up close next weekend.

Now that the first casita is in place we can start planting some trees. The hard part will be trying to decide what kind to plant. Riverwalk Nursery has been posting some of their trees and plants that they have in stock.  Besides all the common tropical plants and flowers, they have some others that caught our interest. Macadamia trees, Pistachio trees, grafted citrus  trees that produce orange, grapefruit and limes, peach trees, grafted avocado that are ready to produce, plus grapes, raspberries, figs and more. We might have to clear a little more land just to plant all the fruits and veggies that we will be growing.

Haliconia also know as a Lobster Claw

The Haliconia is also known as the Lobster Claw because of the way the flowers look. I wish they tasted like lobster, can you imagine growing lobster in your garden?



6 thoughts on “Goodbye Bedrock…… Hello Belize!”

  1. Big time congratulations on closing yesterday! The end of an era, but the beginning of a whole new adventure. We’re envious!! See you in a few weeks for the send-off. Mark & Anita

  2. Wow love the lobster claw plant. Passed by your “old place” this afternoon and saw a couple enjoying a glass of wine in the backyard…❤️❤️❤️🍷🍷. Looks like new owners are enjoying Choya Bay 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    Keep posts and pictures coming 😘😘😘

  3. Lois and I will miss you but we know are are going to have a great life in Belize!
    Maybe we’ll see you if you visit Randy, Stacy and the boys here in Choya.
    Best of luck, keep the blog going, love the stories and photos.
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Jeff and Lois

  4. So many fuzzy memories…..

    The casita looks incredible!!! That ceiling is beautiful.

    I am excited for you both and can’t wait to come visit. Get that royal rat roasting and those Belikins on ice!

  5. The best of luck to both of you. Upward and onward to new adventures!

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