First casita is almost done

Well here we are back in Belize for one last time before the big move next month. Our main goals this trip are to check on the house, get a garage started, run power to the house and to pay our workers. We got in on Saturday but decided to wait until Sunday to head out to see the progress on the house. I think this turned out to be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts Kelley could ever want. The house is beautiful, what it lacks in size it definenty makes up for in beauty, especially against the green jungle setting.

Antonio (the builder) says there is still about a weeks worth of work left before it will be done. Mostly it is installing the bathroom fixtures, finishing the drywall, finishing the floor,  baseboards and other small detail stuff.

This week we will be buying things like ceiling fans, lights, outlets and a new front door. The hardware store sent over a front door that opens the wrong way and it got installed. No problem, we will just get the right one and save this one to be used on the other house.

Ruben has started digging the ditch that the power will be run in from the pole to a distribution panel that will the go to the houses, garage, etc. Tomorrow it is off to purchase all the wire, panels, breakers, pvc and anything else the electrician thinks he will need to get this accomplished.

We will also get Ruben started on the next clearing where the garage will go. Unlike the houses, the garage will be built out of cinder blocks and have a cement floor. There should be plenty of room in the garage to park the vehicle, quads and even have a good size shop.

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago it was just a raw jungle lot and a dream. Now there is a good road into the property along with power, fresh water and now a nice little casita for us to stay in. Once we are here next month we will get started on the main house and this casita will be for family and friends.

Now it is off to get Kelley some Mother’s Day lunch and some ice cold Belikins. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there!

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  1. 😮 wow… so very 😎…cool ! Still can’t wrap my head around this move but impressed with all you’ve done so far. The photo’s really bring it home. Very happy for you guys 👏👏👏😘

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