A Day In San Antonio

This is the village where we are building our home. It should be a fun day where we will be able to taste some more of the local foods, learn more about the culture, and get to know some of our new neighbors. We are looking forward to being there.


Approximately 9 miles away from San Ignacio is San Antonio Village. On your way, rolling hills and countryside dotted with farms, homes and friendly dogs and chickens will greet you. There is even a coconut water stand right outside of Cristo Rey Village.
Nestled beautifully in a valley, the village greets you below as you enter the village with colourful homes, clothes strung to sun dry, farm produce and friendly smiles and waves. According to Local Historian Mr. Alfonso Tzul, the village is said to have been established more than 100 years ago and is populated primarily by Yucatec Mayas. The village is known throughout the country and globally for its artists and healers.

The Garcia Sisters, Cayo’s famous slate carvers are established there and their Tanah Mayan Art Museum is worth the visit. San Antonio is also the home of the late Don Elijio Panti; Shaman Guide, Spiritual and Herbal Healer and renown globally. Infact, there is National Park established in his honor which is located where the village ends and also borders neighbouring Cristo Rey and El Progresso Villages. The recently established San Antonio Women’s Group draws visitors to the village as they showcase local tradition and customs. Additionally, Pacbitun Maya Archeological site sits on the outskirts of the village and becomes alive in the summer as study abroad groups conduct research and excavation.

With the steady growth of tourism in the area over the past few decades and with growing threats to biodiversity and culture, there is the obvious need for mitigation and local intervention to help protect and raise awareness among locals and visitors. It is then the Vision of The San Antonio Sustainability Committee to help achieve this through education, sports and local inclusion. We invite you to follow and help us as we engage in our first ever event with the aim of reviving culture, instil appreciation to nature and our surroundings and to engage local families to become involved in our quest to bring San Antonio back to life in a sustainable and safe manner.
Thank you!