Building update

Building is moving right along on the first casita. The framing is all up, the floor is laid and the roof is going on. Next week the siding goes on and then all the interior work will begin. Ruben says that everything is going great, is on schedule and we will be very happy when we see it.

Starting to look like a house

Speaking of seeing it, we will get our first actual look at it in two weeks when we head back down. This short trip is mostly to check on the progress of the house and to buy things such as ceiling fans, lights and anything else we need to make it comfortable. We will also be getting all the materials needed to run the power from the pole to the house (which is about 200′ away).

With the help of our son Randy, we did manage to round up another identical quad.  Same year, same size, same low hours, even the same color. So with two Polaris 800 4×4’s we should have no problem going anywhere and have fun while doing it.

The twins

The trailer is packed with everything we think we will need and it will leave Cholla Bay, Mexico this Sunday headed to Arizona. Randy and Stacy will be here this weekend to tow it up and store it at their house for a couple weeks until we get the container arranged and ready to ship. We will be in Cholla for one more week before we say goodbye and start this new chapter in our lives. And seriously, we are both sooooo excited to start this new adventure!


2 thoughts on “Building update”

  1. Moving right along! I was glad to see you both before you leave. Happy and safe travels!

  2. Love the progress of the casita, it really went up fast.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos when you are there next!
    ❤️ Jeff

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