Full speed ahead

With only a little over three weeks left before we need to turn the keys over for Bedrock, we are in fast forward. The boathouse is just about all packed up and next week we will concentrate on the house. We sold the house semi-furnished, but there is still a lot of personal items that we will be taking with us.

What the boathouse looked like last week.
What the boathouse looks like 1 week later.

Last week we made a quick trip up to AZ to look for a couple of quads that we plan to take with us. We did find one really nice one that will soon be cruising around the jungles of Belize. It is a Polaris Sportsman 800 4×4 with winch and all, along with very low hours. We are still looking for another one, hopefully the same model, so if anyone has any leads please let us know.

New jungle cruiser

Last week Randy and Stacy hauled their big trailer down to Mexico so we could load it up with all the stuff we think we need to take with us. Packing is going good and at this point, all still looks good for our May 5th departure from Mexico. When we leave we will head up to Gilbert to the kid’s house for a week, then down to Belize to check on the progress of the house. We will only be in Belize for a week then we will head back to Gilbert to line up a shipping container and get everything ready to ship.

Nargusta hardwood

Our plan is to not be back in Gilbert for more than a few weeks before we make the permanent move to Belize, but that all depends on how the first little casita is going. Ruben sent some pictures the other day and said that everything is on schedule for us to be in by early June. Ruben said that by the end of this week they should have all the framing up and he will send more pictures. I’ll keep everyone posted.

The house will be three feet off the ground
Working on the front porch with the house floor in the background.
Getting some clear glossy varnish on the wood to bring out its natural beauty.

This will be the first small casita where we will live while they are building our main house. Once we move into the main house then this will become a guest house.



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