Last day of this trip

This fun filled trip is about to come to an end, but we won’t let it come to an end without one more stop. We pack up our stuff, say goodbye to our hosts and head towards the airport. Our one last stop was the Belize Zoo. It is great little zoo that is settled on 29 acres of natural jungle habitat. The zoo keeps only animals that are native to Belize and were either orphaned, injured, need to be rehabilitated or born at the zoo. The environment is as natural as possible,  and each animal lives in its own shady caged-in or moated jungle area.

Howler Monkey

We have been to the zoo a few times in the past and it’s always worth stopping there on your way back to the airport. It’s a great chance to get very up close to the animals of Belize.

American Crocodile
Gray Brocket Deer

The weather this time was a little on the cool side, which meant all the animals were active and moving around. The monkeys were swinging through the trees, the cats were roaming around and the Coati’s we all very active. They did have a new jaguar there that was in for killing cattle. I guess he will be there until he can be relocated to the deep jungle. You could tell he was not happy to be there, all you had to do was look at him and he would give you a big snarl.  On the other hand there was a big Tapir that really enjoyed having his head scratched. Probably not suppose to do that, but he was hard to resist.

Tapir (Mountain Cow)

After we left the zoo we just had to stop for a picture at the entrance to a plant nursery where they were using an old car for a planter. We assume that someone probably just ran out of gas and when they got back the plants had taken over. Plants do grow fast in Belize.

Nice planter

On the road we also came upon an old VW van doing about 45mph. As we pulled up to pass we noticed a ton of stickers in his rear window from different places and his license plate was from Argentina. As we passed we honked and waved and they did the same.  I thought we’ve been on a pretty good adventure, but driving a VW van from South America and still heading north, now that’s an adventure!

That’s about it for this trip, hope everyone is enjoying following us on our Belizean adventures.

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