Friends in Belize

After spending some time in Belize we’ve gotten to know quite a few of the people. After mentioning  them in quite a few different postings in the blog, I thought we should put a picture with their names.  So here are just a few of the great people of Belize, enjoy.

Ruben, extraordinary person and very handy with the machete.
Conrad, best bartender on Burns Ave and a real joker.
Brian, best joke teller at Da Malfunction Junction.
Remo,  of  the infamous Remo’s Roadhouse.
Glenn, on the right, keeps the traffic flowing by day and then guides you to the restaurant come   evening.
Jet, from the world famous Jet’s bar in the Belize airport.
Zohan, keeps our buckets of Belikin full.
Jerry, our long time fishing guide.
Jovani, expert lobster catcher.
Gary and Julie, owners of Wish Willie’s River Cabanas.
Nigel, now runs Gaia resort and his mom owns Jalapeno’s restaurant.
Anthony, the famous flute player of San Ignacio. 
Robin at Robin’s Kitchen, best jerked chicken on the island.
At Robin’s Kitchen. Can’t remember his name but will remember his songs. 

Edwin, best river guide in Belize.

Pablo Escobar, he puts the rum in the coconut at the Hidden Beach.

The happiest people in the world are not the ones with lots of money or all the possessions, but rather the ones that really appreciate the things they do have. Many of the people we have met have very little, but they always have a big smile and are very grateful for the things they do have. Such as the peace of mind they enjoy, their love of life, family, friends and all the ordinary things that most of us often take for granted. So when in Belize smile and be happy, everyone else is.

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