Why Belize?

It seems that most everyone’s questions are “Why would you move, when you already live at a beach paradise in Mexico?” and “Why did you choose Belize?”.


Spider Monkey

Let’s see, why would we move? We have been coming to Puerto Peñasco for 30 plus years and are just looking for a new adventure in our lives before we get to be too much older. It just seems that life is whizzing by and there are still things we want to do.

We have driven the Baja Peninsula, drove down mainland Mexico, cruised and sailed down the Sea of Cortez, caught just about every game fish there is in the Sea of Cortez and done just about everything the Puerto Peñasco area has to offer. We have decided that it was time to move on and explore other parts of the world.

Catching Marlin in the Sea of Cortez

We came to the realization that we take the sea for granted. We live at the beach yet we really never go to the beach. We have a boat that rarely gets on the water anymore. Kayak that hasn’t seen the water in a couple years and more fishing gear than you would believe. Besides all that, I grew up on the beaches of California and have been near the water most of my life and feel it is time for a change. By moving away from the beach we think we will appreciate it more when we do go there. Besides, it’s only about an hour and a half drive away to the shores of the Caribbean.


Why we chose Belize…. It is a beautiful country that has so much to offer. From the Caribbean beaches to the rain forest jungles and everything in between. The variety of plants and animals are mind boggling, plus all the different cultures to learn about.

Flock of parrots

The people of Belize are one of the main reasons we chose Belize. It is a melting pot of all cultures from Mayan, Mestizo, Creole, Mennonite, Chinese,  Garifuna and others. No matter who you are, everyone treats you like family and are always smiling, waving or willing to talk to you. Just like it was back in the states when we were growing up. Plus with this mix of culture the food choices are unlimited, and as you know we love to eat everything.

The Mayan Village of San Antonio is 1 1/2 miles from our property.
The beautiful road into San Antonio

We are also really looking forward to a simpler life, growing and raising our own food and enjoying nature. Having a vegetable garden at the beach has been a challenge and not very productive. In Belize it seems that everything grows, from most vegetables, tropical fruits, nuts, coffee and so much more.

Fresh Coconut right off the tree

That’s just some of the reasons we chose to move to Belize, there are many many more, but we will save that for later.

12 thoughts on “Why Belize?”

  1. We love reading of your adventures. Belize sounds/looks really cool…what a paradise. We would love to visit you in Cholla before you move, and visit you in Belize sometime.
    Love you guys.

    1. Come on down and we can’t wait for everyone to visit us in Belize. We are building 3 casitas so all our friends can come down and enjoy it.

  2. To: Family members looking for free old-aged, grunt laborers, willing to work for room & board.
    Leave us with something needing to be built, painted, or roasted so we can pay you back for all your help during our building years. Put us down for a work project and a vacation combined! the Hardys
    P. S. Didn’t think it would take you guys 30 plus years and a Country away to let us make good on our bargain.

    1. Of course guest quarters. .. a main house and 3 casitas. We will build, we hope you all will come.

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