Where the wild things are

We finally checked the pictures on the trail cameras that we left here 6 months ago. The first camera had no pictures at all, don’t know what went wrong. The second camera had over 300 images and we could not wait to see what they were. After sitting down and going through them all we discovered a lot of different types of animals. Of course there were birds and squirrels, but then there were the ones we were really hoping to see. We had captured images of anteaters, opossum, armadillos, ring tail coatimundis, pacas, and two possibly three different cats. We think the cats were an ocelot and a jaguarundi. Most of these animals were captured a few different times on the camera. In a couple pictures you can see at least five coatimundis.

Here are a few of the pictures, they are a little rough right now, but in a couple weeks I’ll be able to edit them and you should be able to see them better and hopefully have a positive ID on the animals. Later today when we head back out to the property we will take some fruit to set in front of the camera’s and see if we can get a few more pictures before we head back home next week.

I just have to share this…I’m sitting on the patio this morning with my cup of coffee overlooking the river watching the fish jump. Flocks of parrots are flying over and there is a six foot orange iguana sitting in the tree in front of us. Yesterday morning a beautiful toucan landed in the tree in front of us above the river, we haven’t seen him today yet, but I can hear him in the distance. The animals in Belize are amazing and hopefully every time we see one it will be like the first time we saw it.

Overlooking the river from our patio.

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  1. I didn’t realize you are so close to the river, that is very cool. Can you float into town?!?!?!

    1. Our place is not on the river. We are staying at Wish Willy River Cabanas in Santa Elena about 15 miles from our place

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