Sights from Belize

Kelley and I are determined to be positive and look past this current situation and into the future when everyone is safe and free to travel again. Since everyone is self-isolating we thought we’d send out some pictures we’ve taken in Belize and maybe inspire some of you to come on down for a visit once this whole pandemic is under control. We hope you enjoy these pictures and can someday come and experience them for yourselves.


Welcome to Belize, the land of adventure and natural beauty.

beach caulker

Caye Caulker where their motto is “Go Slow”.


Big Rock Falls is right up the road from us.


Of course there’s lobster in Belize!

A pontoon cruise on a secluded jungle lake.


Lots and lots of wildlife everywhere.

P5260062 (2)

A quiet beachfront cabana in Hopkins.


River tubing through underground caves.

Enjoying a cold one while waiting for the daily catch to come in.

fruit stand

Always the freshest fruits and vegetables.


Waterfalls are everywhere around our place.

beach secret2

Imagine sitting here with a tropical drink with a tiny umbrella in it.


Beautiful purple passionfruit flower.


Jaguar just seeing what I taste like.


Rio Pools is a great spot to cool off.


Lots of Mayan sites to explore, and they are all so different.

heart vine

A natural heart-shaped vine growing on our property.


Even the fish are happy to be here.

The Toucans will greet you at our front porch.

I don’t know about other airlines, but Southwest is having some great sales for future travel right now. And keep in mind, we do have a guest house.

4 thoughts on “Sights from Belize”

  1. Great pictures guys~ ok , guess it’s time to start looking for flights AGAIN! Miss seeing your faces! And of course, your humor… love you both 🌴

  2. You are such a tease! Brad and I will get there sooner or later. It’s on our bucket list.

  3. This brightened my day. I am jealous. You live in a paradise that we only get to see in a short trip to an exotic zoo. Keep sharing pictures. We all, need sunshine in our unsettling country today.Take care of yourselves cause I love you both.

    1. Peggy we’re glad this could brighten your day. We will be posting more often now that we have extra time on our hands. We love you too.

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