Post Hurricane

It was just about a week ago that Hurricane Earl hit Belize, with high winds, heavy rains and flooding. It is amazing how all the people of Belize came together so quickly to try to get everything back to normal. People were working 24/7 removing debris and rebuilding what they had lost. At this point most of the water has receded in the rivers and electricity has been restored to 99% of the country. Most resorts and businesses on the island are open and back in business. Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of damage that will take a lot of time to repair. 90% of all docks and piers on the island were lost or severely damaged, as were some businesses that were a total lost. The people of Belize are such resilient, giving, helpful and friendly people that they will have this paradise back to itself in no time at all.

The pictures below were taken 2 days ago, AMAZING!!!

San Ignacio, which had 3-5' of water a few days ago

San Ignacio, which had 3-5′ of water a few days ago

Beaches in San Pedro all cleaned up

Beaches in San Pedro all cleaned up after the hurricane


Resorts back open and ready for business



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