Post Hurricane

Hurricane Beryl swept through the Caribbean as a Cat 4 storm with winds of 145mph. For a short time, it did reach Cat 5 with winds that topped 160mph. It swept through Antigua, Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines and was on a path towards Belize. The storm took a slight northward turn and headed towards Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. By then it looked like it was going to miss Belize, but now it was on a path to the Yucatan Peninsula towards Cancun and Cozumel. At this point, once it hits Mexico it is supposed to cross over into the Gulf as a tropical storm and then possibly reform back to a hurricane and head towards Texas. This was the biggest Hurricane this early in the season on record and was very devastating to a lot of places. We got lucky this time, but it is early in the season of what they predict will be an above average hurricane season.

Not sure which one, but one of the Caribbean Islands that was hit.

We are all very lucky and thankful that it did not impact Belize this time. There were no winds for us just some pretty good rains. Once we knew the threat had passed us we invited a few neighbors over for a post hurricane happy hour and BBQ. We are very relieved and I think we are better prepared if one was to actually hit us.

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  1. Happy to hear You & Kelley are safe!! I believe the photo you shared was of Barbados. We saw the same one on the news. We weren’t aware that Antique was hit…we are heading there in a week.

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