Only a week away

One more week before we leave our home in Mexico and head up to Arizona to catch a flight back down to Belize. We are trying to get caught up with work and all things done around the house before we head out.

A couple months ago we applied for the TSA fast pass, and got accepted. So now at the airport we get the short line, get to keep our shoes on and leave everything in our backpacks. That should speed things up considerably. Randy and Stacy also applied and got theirs, plus Luke got his passport and is ready to go on his first plane ride. We will head out of Phoenix to Dallas, then from there down to Belize.

Dave fly's us over the Caribbean
Dave fly’s us over the Caribbean

After we land in Belize we will catch a puddle jumper over to Ambergris for a few days.  This time I’ll just kick back and let the pilot fly us there. Once we arrive on Ambergris we will be staying at Ramon’s Village, this is where the kids stayed a few years ago on their honeymoon.

Jerry our fishing guide
Jerry our fishing guide

The other day I called our fishing guide Jerry who we have fished with a few times and got a trip all lined up for when we get to the island. There is a good chance Luke will catch his very first fish ever, and it could be in Belize. How cool would that be. Hopefully it will be a big one and we can enjoy it with our lobster and conch lunch that Jerry will fix for us on some secluded beach.

After some fun on the island we will jump on a small plane back to the mainland and grab our rental car and head up towards San Ignacio. Our base camp there will be Crystal Paradise Jungle Lodge, where we have stayed before. It’s a beautiful lodge run by a local family. It also happens to be on the road to our property.

Crystal Paradise
Crystal Paradise

I have also been talking to Ruben (the guy who has been working on the land) and he has the guys with the dump trucks all lined up and ready to lay the gravel limestone down as soon as we get there. Ruben has also been talking to the water company and they are ready to start running water to the property as soon as we are there and get them some money. It seems that they want money from an American living in Mexico before they start a project in Belize. Go figure.

Soon to have gravel and water
Soon to have gravel and water

We are also planning on meeting with the home builder again and try to open a bank account. All this doesn’t take that long and should leave lots of time for more adventures. Once we get there I will try to post at least every other day.

Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “Only a week away”

  1. Wow! What a wonderful adventure ahead of you especially with the family! Looking forward to your posts! Safe travels 🙂

  2. I suppose this means you won’t be surprising us at Hammerhead’s?
    Have an awesome trip!

  3. Enjoy your adventure, so happy for Luke. Lot’s of firsts, first airplane, first trip to Belize, first passport and hopefully first fish!
    Looking forward to your posts
    We’ll miss you at the BASH!!

  4. Have fun, Dick and I stayed next door at the Capricorn 11 1/2 years ago, went to Ramons to watch football and drink beer.
    Hope to see you before you leave! ENJOY!!!

  5. So excited for your new venture!! Have a wonderful trip!! Hope we see you before you go~ but if not ….. Safe travels!!

  6. Yeah! Sorry we’re going to miss you guys next weekend! Dom wanted to meet you!

    Have a great time down there!

  7. Love the pictures you included. Have a fantastic trip with the family…we will miss you!!

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