Off to Xunantunich

Welcome to Xunantunich

We just visited this amazing site a few months ago, but it never seems to get old. From the ferry ride across the river to the first glimpse of El Castillo.  Plus every time we visit we get a different guide who explains and points out new and interesting things that we didn’t know from past visits.

Ferry across the river

Xunantunich is a must see site for anyone visiting Belize, so of course we had to take Darren and Bonnie there. I believe they were in amazement seeing something this grand in person, that up to this point they had only seen on TV or heard about.

El Castillo
Darren near the top

After touring the grounds and learning more history about the Mayan culture, Darren and Bonnie wasted no time climbing up El Castillo. We have been up to the top before so we chose to only go about half way up. Actually we both said that our knees were not up to it that day, yes I know we are getting old.

Darren, Kelley and Dave

While there we did see a bunch of Howler Monkeys swinging around in the trees. As we were taking pictures of the monkeys one of them pooped on a young guy. He was totally grossed out as his girlfriend wiped it off his back. Our guide said that it was good luck to have that happen to him, I think it was lucky that it didn’t happen one of us.

Howler Monkey

After a great morning at the ruins we thought we would stop at Clarissa Falls for one of there famous milkshakes. Darren and Bonnie went for the banana shake while we tried the soursop shake. Soursop is a very popular fruit that grows all over Belize. This was the first time we had tried anything with soursop, interesting flavor and very good.

Best milkshakes around

On the way back Darren started breaking out in hives all over his body.  I think he would have been okay if the monkey pooped on him causing him good luck. Anyway, usually we have Benadryl with us just in case something like this happens, but not this time. Just so happens we were passing by a clinic, so we pulled in to get him checked out. As we were waiting for him to come out,there were three pamphlets on their bulletin board. Not knowing which one of these symptoms he had, we waited patiently for him to come out.

Turns out he had none of these symptoms just a reaction to something that a couple of shots and some pills would take care of.

15 minute Dr. visit, two shots, drugs, Darren better. $45. Priceless

After a little rest Darren was all better and it was time to hit Burns Avenue in San Ignacio for happy hour. We met some friends there for a couple buckets of Belikin and some bloody marys before walking over to grab a bite to eat. In the town square where we had dinner, they were doing a live TV Christmas show. We hung around and watched all kinds of kids and adults singing different Christmas songs with a Caribbean beat to them.

Nothing a good bloody mary wouldn’t fix
Friends Julie & Gary

Bonnie had opted to stay back at the house that night, and when we got there she was watching a Christmas special on TV, that’s right it was the one we were just at in town. Always an interesting day in Belize.

Live TV show