Not your typical adventure in Belize

This will be a view out the side window of the first casita.

Every time we head down to Belize we always try to have some type of new adventure, whether it’s cave tubing, fishing, hiking to waterfalls or just trying new foods. Well… this time we did not do any of your typical tourist stuff, but this was still one of our biggest adventures yet. We were up every morning at 6 and hit the ground running only to slow down for lunch and then again at happy hour to reflect on what we had done.

Brian always has a cold one ready for us.

Our big adventure this time was to figure out and purchase all the materials needed to build our first guest casita. After a lot of research and quotes over the last year we were ready to start building, of course we might have been pushed just a little since our house in Mexico had sold.

First things first, off to the bank again to see about getting our account open (which we have been working on for two years now). This time finally everything was in order and we had been accepted and should receive everything this week.

Our power pole and transformer at the end of our driveway.

Then off to the power company to get our meter installed and get our account activated so that the contractor can get started. All went well there and it actually ended up costing less than we thought because we already had an account open from when we bought the poles.

Mid West Hardware

In Belize there are small hardware stores that carry a little of everything in every little town and village, but the biggest and cheapest ones are in Spanish Lookout, a Mennonite community. There you will find specialty glass shops, electrical shops, lumber yards, metal shops, plus big general hardware stores.

Peters Glass Shop where they will custom make our windows.

After a couple of days seeing what they had to offer and meeting with our contractor we were ready to set up accounts and start purchasing the materials. At the glass shop we ordered custom  windows that will be louvered tinted glass, with bars built in and of course screens. Then it was off to the sheet metal company to ordered the red zinc roofing. After that it was time to place the big order, all the lumber for the house. We went with Nargusta which is a hardwood that is common in Central America and will not be bothered by termites. It is a lighter colored wood with some red veins in it. It should be very nice.

Nargusta wood

Next, the hardware store, to gather up all the other stuff. From hurricane ties and toilets to door knobs and showers. We think we got all the basics to get this casita livable for now. There will be other stuff such as ceiling fans and light fixtures, but we can take care of that once we are there.

The clearing for the first small casita along with a load of fresh gravel for the cement posts.

In case you are wondering, this first casita will be 16′ x 18′ with a 6′ x 16′ porch. It will be like a studio with a bed in the main area and a full enclosed bathroom. We will live in this while they build our main house. Once in the main house this small one will be a casita for family, friends and possibly rentals. In the end we hope to have at least two small casitas plus the main house.

Looking out from the clearing where the main house will be.

This is going to be a wild, exciting and adventurous ride, but we are both more than ready for it!

This is what it will look like when it is done.

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  1. Great photo’s….still mind boggling to me. Didn’t notice the porch in last picture 😆😆😆

  2. That last pic made me laugh out loud! The wood you chose looks too pretty for framing material!
    Have fun!

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