Hurricane Nana!

It looks like Belize is going to take a direct hit tomorrow from hurricane Nana, and I’m not talking about Kelley. It is currently a tropical storm, but it’s expected to become a hurricane later today. I guess this is the earliest “N” named storm ever recorded. I think we are prepared for it.  Everything is fuled up, extra water, lots of food, flashlights everywhere, generator and chainsaws are working, all butane tanks are full and a good supply of beer. We’ll keep everyone posted on how it all goes.

14 thoughts on “Hurricane Nana!”

  1. We are sending good vibes your way! You guys thought if it all in your preparedness! 🙌🏼💪🏽♥️

  2. Stay safe you guys! You seem to have everything handled, as always. Kick Nana’s ass! Please keep us posted!

  3. Hang in there, we are also fully prepared, we may or may not be in the cone, but we are definitely right there with you guys. Stay safe!

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