Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

It was 25 years ago today that we bought our Mexican home on the Sea of Cortez that would soon be called “Bedrock”.  More fun was had and memories made there than anyone can imagine. But sometimes you just feel the need to move on and experience new and different things in your lives, so that’s what we did. One year ago today on Cinco De Mayo we left our Mexican home and started working our way to Belize to start the next chapter in our lives, and boy has it been fun.


As you can guess Cinco De Mayo is not really a big thing down here but for us, it’s still a good excuse to make some carne asada tacos and a few batches of margaritas. Tequila is expensive and fairly hard to come by down here (I know Belize borders Mexico, it makes no sense). Anyway, we have been stocking up when we come through the Duty-Free store at the airport so we are prepared for any tequila emergency. Today we will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a few friends, tacos and of course margaritas. So today we raise a glass of tequila to all our friends. Happy Cinco De Mayo! Salude!


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