First full day in Belize

Long day of traveling yesterday we finally made it to Maya Mountain Lodge around 6:30. Today we went down for breakfast and two parrots landed in the tree next to us, a great way to start the day. After breakfast we headed out to the propery, which is about ten miles from us on a dirt road. Oh, and it is the rainy season so the road is very muddy, plus the rental car doesn’t really have brakes, but it is all part of the adventure. Once we got to the property, Ruben who was supposed to help us had an emergency back in town, so we will wait till tomorrow to start clearing the road in.

Before we left the property we did something I don’t think has ever been done, we opened up a bottle of Mexican Moonshine in Belize and did a “Here’s to Life” toast. Bottle #125 will be history somewhere in the jungles of Belize.


Now that we were feeling good we thought we should go and get a couple machetes for tomorrow so we could hack away at the undergrowth.  After we rounded up a couple nice machetes  it was lunch time, so we stopped by one of our favorite places and ordered today’s special. Before you make a face, it was really good. Chicken, rice, plantains  and pig tails in split pea soup. Yummy!

Deciding that all we have really done today was eat and drink, we thought we should try to accomplish something, so we went and met with two different home builders in Spanish Lookout and got some great information. On the way back to San Ignacio we decided to take a short cut that put us down at the river. We waited our turn in line while the hand crank ferry took cars and people across the river, all at no charge.


Great dinner at a Belizan bbq smokehouse then back to the room for a couple more shots of Mexican Moonshine and of course some ice cold Belikins.

There is more but, we will fill you in later.



3 thoughts on “First full day in Belize”

  1. You guys rock. Love the split pig tails.!
    We’ll miss you at the wedding but will be toasting absent friends and relatives. Have a ball. Live life !!!!!!!

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