Everything grows in Belize

Trees, flowers, vegetables and all kinds of fruit, but the biggest growth happened yesterday. Our property doubled in size. It turns out that the piece of property right next to ours became available and the realtor gave us first choice on it. We thought about it over the weekend and decided that it was a great opportunity to expand our new homestead. So we now have 10 acres of land in the beautiful Belizean jungle.

The new lot
The new lot

Two months from now we will be back down there doing more leg work in preparation for the big move. This will give us a chance to check out the new addition and maybe reevaluate where the house and garden might go. Also with this much property our options are unlimited. Maybe build a couple rental cabins, or maybe raise some animals, or my favorite; grow coconuts, almonds and cocoa and make unlimited Almond Joy bars to be enjoyed in a hammock with a cold beer while watching the parrots and monkeys. In the words of Jerry Jeff Walker “Sounds like a pretty good god damn life to me.”

9 thoughts on “Everything grows in Belize”

  1. You two amaze me! Truly! Such adventure. So very happy to be on this blog and keep track of the changes, decisions, etc. See you at Big Fun soon!

  2. Congratulations Dave and Kelley
    I love it when you can buy the property next door! I’ve done it twice now in Choya!
    You are right, the possibilities with 10 acres in endless…… so happy for you both!
    See you very soon

  3. I am so damn happy for you. Who knew when we were coloring Easter eggs together years ago Kelley would find the perfect man for her and you would become a rain forest/plantation owner. Hey, what about the name? I’m expecting an Almond Joy some day. Luv you guys. Aunt Peggy.

    1. Thank you Peggy. As for a name we are still working on that and taking suggestions. Keeping in mind key words like jungle, monkeys, toucans, parrots, iguanas, mayan, coconuts, bananas, paradise and of course “are you freaking crazy acres”. Any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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