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Looks like the Iguana is just swinging in the trees

After going through all the trail camera pictures and studying them more closely, we finally got some of the animals identified and cropped better in the photos. Besides these there were a lot of other small animals and birds that we couldn’t identify. There was actually over 500 pictures taken on one camera, but I know some were wind and even fallen branches.

Agouti at night

The most common animal we saw was the Agouti, which is a rodent that is related to the Guinea Pig. They look similar except the Agouti has longer legs and will weigh up to 13lbs and reach a length of 30″. They seemed to be roaming around both day and night.


The Tamandua Collared Anteater we captured a few different times on the camera, and all of those were at night. This anteater can weigh up to 12 lbs and reach a length of 51″. They are mostly nocturnal and will spend up to 40% of their time up in the trees.


White Nosed Coati  or Coatimundi really seemed to like the area in front of the camera. They were there quite a bit and there were always at least six or maybe more. The Coati is related to the raccoon and like a raccoon will rummage through your trash if left out. The bigger males can weigh up to 25lbs and reach a length of 43″ half of that being it’s tail which they use for balance when climbing around in the trees.


There were a few different shots of the Jaguarundi. In the earlier picture the cat looks heavy and bulky. In a later picture, the cat is a lot thinner and we did notice there were two kittens following.

Jaguarundi with kitten following

We don’t know if this was the same cat or maybe the first picture is the male. Anyway the Jaguarundi is usually active during the day when they hunt for small animals on the ground, but they are also very comfortable up in the trees. It is a medium sized cat that will only get up to about 20 lbs and 30″ long.


We also had a lot of pictures of Pacas, Gibnuts or Royal Rats, whatever you want to call them. Ruben says there are a lot of Pacas on the property by all the holes he sees, which I guess can be up to 10′ deep. From what I was reading, they have a resonating chamber in their cheeks and make a growling noise that is surprisingly loud for their size. We can’t wait to hear that one night when we’re sitting on the porch with a cold beer. I know our response will be “What the hell was that?” They will get up to 30lbs, 30″ long and can jump 3′ straight up when startled.


There was also one picture of a Nine Banded Armadillo and one of a Possum. Ruben says there is a lot of Armadillos around the property. They can weigh up to 13lbs and get up to 42″ in length, and besides that they can jump 3-4′ straight up.


We also got a few pictures of a Margay, but it could be an Ocelot. I’ve sent pictures to the Belize Zoo to see if they could help identify the cat. If it is a Margay, it is very similar to the Ocelot except a lot smaller, only 9 lbs and 31″ long. The Margay is a much more skillful climber than the Ocelot and is sometimes called the tree Ocelot. Judging by the trees in the background of the the photos and the other animals we believe it is a Margay.


As we walk around the property we are usually watching where we step and looking out in the trees. I guess we really should be looking up into the trees to see what might be watching us. I’m sure it will take us awhile to figure out and get used to all the new sounds out there. From the jumping Pacas and Armadillos to the Howler Monkeys and everything in between, I know there will be a lot of “What The F#@k Was That?” I picture us sitting on the porch in the evening with a glass of wine just relaxing and all of a sudden a big tree branch falls in the distance, and you know exactly what we will be saying. Seriously though, we are really looking forward to this and can’t wait to be there and start experiencing this new adventure in our lives. We have yet to be out at the property after dark, maybe next time we will bring some chairs and a few more flashlights and just go for it.

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  1. Thanks Dave and Kelly for the education!
    Belize “critters” 101
    Enjoy, hope to see you in Mexico this Fall

    1. The Iguana in the tree looks sorta like Dave in a speedo in gis super model pose..😜

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