And so it begins….

After a couple of more trips to Belize, staying away from most of the tourist stuff and getting to know the area and people better, we had decided that this should become our new home. Most people would look for a place on the Caribbean shore, but not us. We wanted to be up in the mountains and jungle where we could have some land, no close neighbors and a place where we could grow all the plants we wanted.

In December 2014, a nice 5 acre lot came up in the area that we had been looking. January found us on a plane headed back to Belize. After looking at the property and weighing all the pros and cons, we decided to make an offer on it. The next day our offer was accepted and we are now the proud owners of 5 acres in the Belizean jungle.

Looking up at the dense green trees.

The property is located about 12 miles from San Ignacio on a very good dirt road. About a mile and a half from the property is the village of San Antonio where they have basic supplies, such as gas and beer. Our property is considered raw jungle and will take some time to clear a small clearing for a home. This October (2015) we are headed back to cut a road in and make a small clearing. The good news is that we already have someone lined up to do this for us.

Stay tuned for updates on our new adventure!

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  1. If anyone can make this happen it’s you two! Can’t wait for more pictures and updates!! Get that machete sharpened and start choppin’…….

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