And away it goes

The container was delivered just about ten days ago to the kids house in Arizona. After walking in and out of it many times and analyzing how we could possibly fit everything in there it was time to get to work. First thing to get done was to weld in some new tie down points. Randy jumped right on that and welded in about 20′ of rebar on each side about halfway up to give us more options for securing the load.

Yes, you can weld in flip flops.

We had about 50 good matching bins that stacked perfectly along the outside walls, which left just enough room for the two quads to fit right up the middle. Of course the quads had to be drained of fuel and the batteries disconnected so that they could be shipped, but that was no big deal. Ratcheting tie down straps was the best way to go to get everything tight and secure. We had a bunch of straps to start with and even bought some more just in case, but we still ended up making a couple more trips to the store for more straps. We might just end up being the bin and strap people of Belize.

Is that a stowaway under the quad?

Anyway, the container looked so professionally packed with all the matching bins and two matching quads, then came all the rest of the oddball stuff that wouldn’t fit anywhere else.Β  By the time it was fully packed it looked more like the Beverly Hillbilly’s were moving to Belize.Β  In the end we did manage to get everything in there plus some stuff for a few other people. At this point the container is all sealed and waiting for a crane and a truck in the morning.

Hillybilly’s are a comin’…

The truck and the crane showed up on time (actually a little early) so everything was a go. After moving all the personal vehicles out of the driveway it was time for the big boys to move in. The crane backed up in position and then the semi backed in right next to him. All the rigging went on (with the help of Randy) then it was time to make this container fly.

Randy the rig master.

Under the watchful eye of our grandson Luke and the two neighbor girls, the crane lifted all of our belongings up and over the house. Once it got past the house, the container came to a nice soft landing on the bed of the truck where it was strapped down tight. Finished up some paperwork, wished the driver safe travels and said goodbye to all our stuff.

Loaded and ready to go

The truck is now on it’s way to a port in Houston where it will be loaded onto a freighter and shipped to the port in Belize. Once in Belize it will have to be opened, inspected and charged the appropriate duty for all the items. We have a very detailed list of items and their value, so hopefully they will just charge duty based on the list. If they do have to unpack the container, all I can say is… good luck getting it all back in there! Once it clears customs it will be on it’s way to our property, where it will become our temporary garage untill we get the real one built.

Not our actual ship

All in all it should be to our place in about three weeks. We will be heading down in about ten day to really get this adventure started.

4 thoughts on “And away it goes”

  1. Very impressive packing job. I thought closing up the Casa was a chore. Lol πŸ˜†
    Hopefully you’ll have lots of help unpacking that container…gotta take advantage of the CB peeps visiting soon. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸΌ
    Best of luck…..continue photo’s and posts. πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. From a giggling comment of moving to Belize while drinking, to cranes , big trucks, and your stuff on a freight liner… see kids careful when you drink

  3. That big container coming over the house must have been a few tense moments! Where were your glasses while they were welding Dave? The fun begins!

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