A little of this and a little of that

Ruben has been cutting a border pathway around the property that is next to ours. Since there was never a trail there before and there is now, we thought we should explore it. Ruben led the way with machete in hand chopping as we go. Once we got to the inside corner of the property, there was a good size pond with a couple of long-legged white birds standing on the edge. It was all nice and quiet until a huge iguana jumped from the tree and into the water, that sorta startled us. Ruben said that it is a spring fed pond and is always full and attracts lots of animals.

Natural spring

After checking out the pond Ruben started cutting a trail to the mound (Yes there is a Mayan Ruin on that property). We hiked up the 50′ tall mound to the top where it was flat. Keep in mind that this is an undisturbed site that is covered in growth. Ruben was telling us that he could clear off the top and it would be a great place to bring some chairs and sit. We’re not sure how we feel about sitting on top of a Mayan ruin, so we said it should just be left the way it is for now.

The ruin would be hard to find if you didn’t know it was there.

On the way back we decided to cut down the trail that goes between the lots. Halfway down the trail, there was a good size tree that had recently fallen. A couple days later we went down that trail again and Ruben had already removed the tree from the trail. Ruben is always on top of things.

One of the evenings our neighbors up the road invited us to a bbq. Dan and Brandy just had their house built last year and are the first ones to take advantage of the new power poles. It was a great time as they invited other people in the area which gave us a chance to meet and get to know them. Dan cooked up some great chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs, plus with all the other stuff people brought there was no shortage of food. And of course, you know there were some ice cold beers flowing. Thank you Dan and Brandy for a great time, we can’t wait to start hosting at our place once we get settled in.

BBQ at Dan and Brandy’s
Some great grilled chicken

One day after we were done with our running around we headed down to Da Malfunction Junction for a cold beer where we met a nice couple, Ryan and Theresa . They have a piece of property about 2 miles from us towards the village where they will eventually build some day. Sounds like they are on the same page as we are, planting all kinds of fruit trees and other edible plants. Eventually I can see a few of us neighbors heading down to the Junction at the end of the day for a cold one and listen to some of Brian’s fine jokes from his new book.

Neighbors Ryan & Theresa

Just a couple other tidbits I’d like to share from the last trip. On our last day of the trip, we decided to do laundry at Gary and Julie’s place where we were staying. Out of the washer, all the clothes are nice and clean and wet. Wouldn’t you know that is the same time the dryer decides to quit working. Not a problem, Gary rigs up a clothesline and everything is good, they should be dry by morning so we can pack and catch a plane. About 2:00 am that morning we were awakened by the sound of rain. So get dressed, go out and gather everything up before it gets too wet.  As we were gathering up the clothes we noticed that Gary had put a sign that read shirts 50% off. Clothes did end up drying by morning, and none were sold, so all was good.

The solar powered cloths dryer.

Oh and speaking of shirts, we always stop at a little restaurant called “Cheers, with a Tropical Twist” about 30 miles from the airport for a meal, or to stay overnight when there is not enough daylight to make it all the way to San Ignacio.

Cheer’s, with a Tropical Twist

Anyway, at the restaurant they have t-shirts hanging from the rafters from all over the world.  Before our last trip down with Darren, I suggested for him to bring a shirt because I was going to bring a Big Wave Dave shirt to hang. So now if you ever happen to stop by Cheers keep your eye out for a Big Wave Dave shirt and a Dodd Diesel shirt.

Big Wave Dave is in Belize
Darren’s Dodd Diesel Shirt

One more little thing, it always intrigues me is how they do construction in other countries. This is a fine example of using trees to hold up the forms for a cement roof. I guess you just have to use what is available, and there are a lot of trees in Belize.

Nice use of trees

Well, now it’s time to get serious about packing up our house in Mexico which we have had for 24 years and get ready to start this new chapter in our lives in Belize.

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  1. Is the pond on your property or the adjacent property? Is there a local species of fish that can be introduced for some fun onsite fishing?

    1. The pond is on the adjacent property. We did see some ripples in the water. Not sure they were fish or bugs, but once we are there we will definitely check it out. I imagine there are frogs, because during the rainy season we saw a bunch on our property. A couple lots away from us there is another pond that is about twice the size of this one.

      1. I can’t wait to come check it out. I have some airline miles burning a hole in my pocket.

  2. Wow, beautiful! Happy to see you two so excited about the new adventure. Look like an awesome place to visit, wink wink.

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